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Nothing about this coffee gives away the fact that it's a decaf. Its flavor is full, its body is round and it's a surprise time and time again.
Our current decaf is a blend of two Costa Rican Co-op coffees from La Pastora Tarrazu and Ateneo in Valle Central. We're always thrilled to have a decaf that is thought provoking, filled with character and truly enjoyable sip after sip. This offering has come to us from the team at Swiss Water Process and we're pretty excited for it.

In the cup, you can expect a rich body, clean acidity and sweet toasted marshmallow upfront. Easy to drink any time of day, and of course it wont keep you up all night.

If you want to learn more about Swiss Water Processing, and the impressive art of decaffeination, check out the video below.

Costa Rica
Origin: Tarrazu // Valle Central
Producer: Coopertiva de Caficultore // Coope Ateneo
Elevation: 1200m+
Processing: Washed // Swiss Water Decaffeination
Varieties: Mixed
Tasting Notes: Creamy, Pistachio, Cashew



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