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Complex citrus, winey acidity, structured sweetness and a subtle savoury quality will give you the impression that you're drinking a high quality Kenyan coffee. This however, is a Kenyan coffee variety grown in the heart of Costa Rica.
This year marked the fourth season we've been able to visit the Don Joel Micro-mill in West Valley of Costa Rica. Allan, the proprietor of this mill does an exceptional job with Honey processing and does very clean Natural coffees. Every season that we visit, he seems to have new innovations at the mill and new upgrades as far as infrastructure goes! That's what we want to see when we visit year after year! If our producing partners are improving, that in theory should mean that we continue to improve!
This particular coffee is special to us for a few reasons. First and foremost, the trees are four years old and have just produced their first main crop. The reason that's special is because we saw these exact trees just months after they were planted during our first visit to the Don Joel Micro-mill. So in an interesting parental sense, we've seen this coffee grow up and now we're seeing the amazing potential its become.

When it comes to processing, Allan is brilliant at Honey coffees. To produce this style of coffee, it's really important to have ripe fruit with loads of mucilage surrounding the green coffee beans. This will help with the amount of sugars that coat the coffee seeds + parchment, leading to an influx of sugars, fruit tones and body in the final cup profile. We've found in our experience that Allan produces the most consistent honey coffees year after year, and seems to have new pieces of insight on what made this seasons greater than last season.

Read more about our visit this season by clicking here.

Producer: Allan Oveido
Station Manager: Allan Oveido
Farm: La Cumbre
Elevation: 1550 - 1650
Micro-Mill: Don Joel
Country: Costa Rica
First Year Rosso Purchased: 2015

Region: San Luis de Grecia, West Valley, Costa Rica
Varietal: SL28 (they refer to it as Kenya, as you'll see on the bag)
Processing Technique: White Honey
Tasting Notes: Tangerine, Creamy, Black Cherry

This is the fourth year working directly with Allan Oveido.

This coffee cupped an average of 88.5 points


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