Product image 1LACTIC SIDRA lot 316
Product image 2LACTIC SIDRA lot 316
Product image 3LACTIC SIDRA lot 316
Product image 4LACTIC SIDRA lot 316
Product image 5LACTIC SIDRA lot 316

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We're continually in awe of the coffee from La Palma y El Tucan. We love using their coffee in competitions around the coffee world - finishing 3rd and 5th in the past two World Barista Championships. In both those instances, it was a Sidra micro-lot used, bringing us nostalgia when we taste this fresh lot, number 316.

The acidity is very well structured and crisp, with citrus and floral qualities being the dominant factors as the cup is hot. As it cools, the profile really settles into a rich honey-like sweetness, complimented with stone fruit flavours. There's some green grape notes the whole way through - something we find in nearly all Sidra we've tasted. As this Lactic Sidra cools down, the cup is sweet and reminds us a lot of Nutella - comforting hazelnut and milk chocolate. The finish just holds and holds and holds. This is a coffee to sit and savour and be mindful of. 

This particular lot, number 316, was fermented anaerobically for 68 hours, then pulped, and fermented a secondary time aerobically for 24 hours. It was then dried for just over 20 days, with 19 days in raised beds and 37 hours in a mechanical dryer to finish it with precision. It was finished production in early June and we purchased it in July.

We have one roast of this coffee remaining, as we only had 25kg available - that was all that was produced of lot 316. We'll ship orders, or make them available for pick up the following day. There are only 25 bags available. Stay tuned for the next roast date.
The story of this unique variety of coffee is fascinating. Originally discovered in Ecuador, Sidra is a cross of Red Bourbon and Typica varieties. When La Palma y El Tucan received the seeds, they actually thought they were planting Red Bourbon. After watching the trees begin to develop, they noticed the morphology of the plant wasn't taking the form of Red Bourbon and had an agronomist come to the farm to help identify what it was. When they discovered it was this natural mutation known as Sidra, they were incredibly excited. The vibrancy and intensity from Sidra in this micro-region is always a treat to experience.
After visiting La Palma y El Tucan in August of 2017, we were so impressed with the drive and desire to create the worlds best coffees. We're thrilled to be establishing a partnership with the team there and very excited for what the future holds.

If you ever visit Colombia, it's a must visit destination. Just a short drive from Bogota in the scenic department of Cundinamarca.

This is the third year we've had the privilege of working with La Palma y El Tucan.
La Palma y El Tucan is working to create organic compost, for themselves and their neighbours, as well as a symbiotic permaculture in their farm design. 
This season we scored this Lactic Sidra at 89.5 points.
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