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This is a classy coffee. The type that you want to drink on a confident morning. It has depth to it and complexity. It's a timeless flavour, sweet tea really connects the flavours of red plum and honey from start to finish. Chocolates, layers and cherry cola play into the character of the complexity. You'll love it.

This is the third year we've featured Pulcal on our menu and we're thrilled to be a part of its history. The estate dates back to the 1800's and we were told the first crops of coffee were planted toward the end of the century and this coincides with when the Zelaya family, local coffee legends, purchased and took over the estate. This is a large scale farm located on the eastern slope of the Agua Volcano that has half of its focus on coffee and the other half on dairy. 

Maria loves cows. She has 5 dozen that each have names of human friends of hers or people in the world that she respects. For example, there's a cow named Obama, which we had a good laugh when we found out. This season, we walked through the dairy to see how that operation works and were actually tasked with milking a cow. That's something neither of us had done before, yet we consume huge amounts of dairy through our cafes, so it was a good learning experience for sure!

This coffee works wonders as a filter coffee, a cold brew or even in an immersion dripper. I wouldn't recommend it for espresso, but that's because it has elegance and delicacy to it that espresso would overpower. On a Hario V60 you could try 18 grams in, 325 grams water and a brew time of approximately 3.5 minutes. Clean, crisp and elegant, just like Pulcal on a warm summer day.
Farm: Carmona de Pulcal
Producer: Maria Zelaya Aguirre
Country: Guatemala
Region: Antigua
Cultivar: Bourbon and Typica
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1650 - 1750m
Tasting Notes: Plum, Winey, Cherry
Roasted for: Filter
This is the third year visiting and purchasing from Maria Zelaya Aguirre.
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