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Product image 1SAN FRANCISCO 1900
Product image 2SAN FRANCISCO 1900
Product image 3El Rodeo -  - 2
Product image 4El Rodeo -  - 4
Product image 5SAN FRANCISCO 1900
Product image 6SAN FRANCISCO 1900
Product image 7El Rodeo -  - 3

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A classic representation of a coffee from Tarrazu - juicy, stonefruit qualities backed up by crisp citrus notes. We find flavours of tangerine and fresh apricot as the fruit tones, with a really rich and comforting marzipan sweetness. This is a coffee that the whole family is bound to love.

The Solis Family has been growing coffee in the region of Tarrazu for many generations. Roger and his two sons - Sebastian and Jorge - operate two farms, El Rodeo and San Francisco 1900, as well as a Micro-mill, La Casona de Doña Lina. The Micro-mill is named after Rogers grandmother and there, you can find a lovely photo of her on the wall watching over her family.

Between the two farms, the Solis Family is tasked with a lot of work throughout the year. We've been constantly impressed with how hard working they are and how driven they are to improve their systems and their quality. Each season we return (four years now) we're pleased to see new developments and new infrastructure. It's because of this drive and determination that year after year we find ourselves growing with the Solis Family, purchasing more coffee and further supporting their operations. 

This is a coffee that tends to be a favourite on our menu as it's incredibly approachable and versatile. It's a mixed variety offering with both Catuai and Caturra being grown side by side on their farms. They've left a small amount of the coffee mucilage on with the seeds to balance out the acidity and bring more sweetness into the equation.


Region: San Marcos de Tarrazu
Varietal: Caturra + Catuai
Process: White Honey
Elevation: 1880 - 1920m
Tasting Notes: Tangerine, Marzipan, Apricot
Roasted For: Filter

This is the fourth year we've worked with the Solis Family
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