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Product image 1SANTUARIO SUL - SL28
Product image 2SANTUARIO SUL - SL28

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Santuário Sul is an amazing farm located in the Carmo de Minas sub-region of Brazil. It's a multi-generational farm, that's been handed down through generations and split amongst family members. On the farm, they have a garden with 30+ different varieties of coffee they're experimenting with - it's literally a sanctuary of coffees. Of these coffees, they have a handful of different Geisha species, SL28, Yirgacheffe, the original strain of Yellow Bourbon - native to Brazil, Sudan Rume and plenty of other interesting coffees. This year we're proud to feature four coffees from Santuario Sul in a Flight Set.

This specific coffee variety comes by way of Kenya. SL-28 was originally created in Scott Laboratories and since has been planted and highly sought after throughout the world. It's adapted with great success to the terroir of Carmo de Minas, showcasing a bright acidity that comes through like grapefruit and some amazingly rich sweetness, reminding us of molasses or maple syrup. Some classic Brazilian nutty tones show up in the way of walnuts, and to us this showcase terroir. Pretty fun!

Fazenda Santuario Sul occupies 120 hectares of land, with 80 of those hectares planted in coffee. It's a very large farm in comparison to other countries we visit, but that's Brazil for you. The plants are spaced 4 metres apart in rows and just shy of one metre between plants. They have a unique style of pruning in Brazil where they trim the branches back to about 20 inches. This technique allows the tree to recover and energize itself for the next 5-10 years for optimal growth and production. The production of the average tree in Brazil is 5x higher than that in Colombia and other countries we visit.

This is the second year working with Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira.
We scored this micro-lot at 88 points.
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