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This years harvest is round and full allowing an easy, smooth approach. On first sip you’ll be greeted with tones of peach and plum that will settle on your palate, and then a sweetness will follow in the form of pear and caramel.
This is the fourth year we've purchased coffee from Buena Vista in Guatemala. This is a farm that's owned by Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora - the same contact we deal all of our Guatemalan offerings through. He's the proprietor of wet and dry mill, Bella Vista. A quality focused mill, ensuring transparency, constant improvement and delicious coffees. Each year we're impressed with the cup quality and the visible improvements around both Buena Vista and Bella Vista.
Note* Buena Vista translates to Good View, and Bella Vista into Beautiful View. There are loads of farms through Central and South America with these names as it's common that a coffee producing farm has either a Good View or a Beautiful View.
This season at Bella Vista, we were really excited to see some massive investments go into the drying facilities. You'll see a photo below with the new parabolic tiered drying beds that Luis Pedro has installed for the season. This allows him and his team to dry the coffee parchment slower, which means it'll stay fresher for longer for us because of a more controlled water activity. Huge upgrade!

The farm agricultural management includes tissue management (pruning and suckering), plant nutrition (soil and foliage analysis) and pest and disease control and strict shade management. After reaping the cherries, the coffee is taken to Bella Vista for wet and dry milling. Coffee is separated by lots (day of picking, variety and altitude). Then it goes through the whole process of depulping, fermentation, washing and drying. The coffee is then dried in greenhouses. The greenhouse allows the coffee to dry in a controlled environment and to dry gradually which should result in a better cup. The airflow permits a more uniform drying process and the coffee beans can easily be hand sorted.

After some resting time at Bella Vista, the coffee goes through the dry milling process. The parchment from the coffee is removed and then the green beans are separated by size and weight. Finally the coffee is picked by an electronic classifier machine, which removes all the damaged beans by using a color scale. Through all this process, we assure the best quality of coffee and that's been proven the past few seasons on our menu.
Farm: Buena Vista
Producer: Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora
Country: Guatemala
Region: Antigua
Cultivar: Villa Sarchi
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1650 - 1750m
Tasting Notes: Pear, Orchard Fruit, Caramel
Roasted for: Filter
This is the fourth year we've worked with Luis Pedro Zelaya.
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