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Layers of flavour showcase in this years offering of Anonos - beginning with sweet and chewy dates when the cup is hot. The complexity begins to show as the cup shifts to warm, unlocking rich and juicy plum flavours and a wonderful milky, chocolatey quality. You’ll also notice subtle citrus throughout the tasting experience.


Marvin and Felipe Rodriguez are the owners of Anonos Farm. They are also founders of the Helsar de Zarcero micro-mill. This wet-mill was one of the first micro-mills in Costa Rica and is often credited for starting the micro-mill revolution which has become such a differentiator in the Costa Rican coffee industry. With farmers having the ability to operate their own micro-mill for processing and drying, they can demand a higher price per pound for their coffee as they have a greater investment in infrastructure, time and quality.

This farm was certified organic for years and years until Marvin became fed up with the system in place. After receiving no support from the organic certifications and no yearly visits to ensure the practices were still being followed and met, Marvin decided to leave the certification behind. Now, he still continues to practice organic coffee farming; however, he has called his coffee 'producto limpio' or 'clean product' rather than organic. So it's not certified organic, but rather a new styling labelled as such. For many coffee producers, organic certifications are unreasonably expensive and unattainable due to these economics. This is why we've include the Rosso Green certification on the packaging.

We've visited Helsar de Zarcero four of our five visits to Costa Rica and, this is the fourth year we’ve secured a lot of coffee from here. We've always been very impressed with our visits. The innovation happening here at Helsar is inspiring, and we believe they’re helping push the bounds of specialty coffee.

Helsar will process cherry for farmers who have not had the opportunity to build out their own wet mills, or nearby farmers who have relied on the Perez family for the past decade to process their cherry. Coffees will be pulped and left with some mucilage intact. After, they’ll shift out to patios where they’ll pre-dry for two or three days. Depending on the weather, the Perez family may bypass the pre-drying and instead put the coffee into a mechanical dryer for a single day. From there, the coffees will go out to African style beds which they’ve built out on a tilt – a nice innovation.

Beside the micro-mill, the Perez family has gone and built out something we have never seen before. They believe they may be one of the first in the industry to have their own Cascara processing lab. We weren’t allowed to take any photos inside the lab as it’s still being developed and still remains a bit of a secret. It’s essentially a clean and efficient way to take the coffee cherries – usually used for fertilizers – and turn them into Cascara, or coffee cherry tea.

Region: West Valley
Varietal: Caturra + Catuai
Process: White Honey
Elevation: 1650 - 1720m
Tasting Notes: Fig, Plum, Honey
Roasted For: Filter


This is the fourth year we've worked with Marvin and Felipe Rodriguez.
This coffee recently dropped organic certification due to lack of support. They're continuing to practice organic agriculture as they move forward.
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